Our Philosophy

We’re Engaged! Bridal Fair’s Philosophy can be summarized in our promise to everyone: “We take care of your wedding needs, we take care of your bridal business.”

Our Promise to engaged couples: 

“We take care of your wedding needs”

This is an event specially made for you, engaged couples.  We will bring
together top wedding suppliers all over metro manila under one venue for
your convenience.  We will have suppliers from different categories, from
caterers, photographers, wedding gowns and rings, to ensure the engaged
couples can already complete their dream team within our venue.  Our event
would have a relaxing ambiance so couples could leisurely roam and
carefully pick the suppliers that’s best for them w/o clutter or
distractions.  In addition, we would be pre-screening the wedding
suppliers to ensure they are registered and reliable to at least take off
one thing from the couple’s mind.  We work hard to make wedding planning
an enjoyable journey for you and your loved one.  Here in our event,
you’ll definitely meet your wedding’s dream team!

Our Promise to wedding suppliers: 

“We take care of your bridal business”

We keep in mind the welfare of the wedding suppliers that join our fairs.
We understand that to sustain our service to engaged couples, our fair
should also be worthwhile to our wedding suppliers.  In this light, we
work hard to ensure this is the place to be for engaged couples to pick
their dream team.  You will see our every event in top wedding
websites, popular broadsheets, in email blasts and e-newsletters, banners
and magazines.  Our ads will show the quality of our event.  Our team is
also committed to assist exhibitors in every step, from their initial
inquiry to after the event itself, partnering with them, answering their
questions, giving them suggestions and best practices, and asking for
feedback.  All of these to help exhibitors be successful in their
businesses.  Join us and see the difference!